• Farm-in agreement for the Causeway oil field in the UK

  • Asset purchase in the Czech Republic, Tanzania and Australia

  • Management buy-out of the reservoir group in PGS, Norway


  • Spudded Causeway exploration well


  • Drilling campaign in Causeway

  • Entered into agreements with Premier Oil Plc to form two new joint venture companies to pursue the acquisition of upstream oil and gas assets across the Middle East and North Africa (JV dissolved in 2017)


  • Established Premco BV to identify, acquire, and operate oil and gas assets within the MENA region (excluding the UAE) and Pakistan

  • Established Premco Energy Projects to pursue E&P opportunities within the UAE (both dissolved in 2017)


  • Management founding Hemla, jointly with partner AGR Petroleum Services

  • Farm-out of Causeway field, UK

  • Established EMEC Emirates with privately owned Egyptian Mud Engineering Chemicals (EMEC) to provide mud engineering services


  • Farm-out of Czech Republic, Tanzania and Australia

  • Founded D&H Solutions, a joint venture with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering of South Korea, chaired by Mr. Eivind Reiten, former Minister of Petroleum and Energy in Norway and CEO of Norsk Hydro, merged with Statoil

  • Drilling the first well (Apalis-1) of a three-well campaign in the licenses in Liberia, licenses relinquished in 2016.


  • Advisory support for establishment of a new national oil company in Aceh, Indonesia, and participation in bid for Exxon assets and licenses


  • Partnership with Statoil ASA for energy project in the US

  • Drilling of the second well (Narina-1) of a three-well campaign in the licenses in Liberia, licenses relinquished in 2016.


  • Refocus on emerging markets

  • Drilling and operations in Egypt for offshore fields, including the fabrication and installation of platform and mobile offshore production unit

  • Drilling and operations in Sudan for onshore fields

  • Drilling of the third well (Bee Eater-1) of a three-well campaign in the licenses in Liberia, licenses relinquished in 2016.


  • Established an E&P company in Nigeria and acquired oil and gas assets from Shell

  • Drilling and operations in Egypt


  • Further drilling and operations in Egypt


  • Award of participating interest in the oil license PNGF Sud in the Republic of Congo


  • Developed “Power to Educate”, a platform designed for companies to contribute to substituting use of firewood with LPG, Solar and Wind solutions for domestic power usage, thus freeing up time for children to go to school.

  • Drilling in Cote d'Ivoire; licenses relinquished in 2018.


  • Since 2009, Peace ambassador for PIND (Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta) and Partner with the Ogoni People for Ogoni-land clean-up.


  • Reverse take-over between PetroNor E&P and African Petroleum Corporation completed.

  • Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker PNOR.