About us: 

NOR Energy is a Norwegian upstream oil and gas operator with expertise originating from the Norwegian oil and gas industry.

Starting with 2005, NOR Energy’s management team has been involved in different companies and projects worldwide and thus has a strong experience both from operations within oil and gas, IOR projects in the North Sea meeting the target recovery factors of +50%, as well as management and financing. NOR Energy had licenses and operations in North Sea, Czech Republic as well as in Tanzania.

The management and AGR have worked closely for the past decade and founded Hemla in 2009 for monetizing hydrocarbon resources through a value chain approach. AGR is a leading provider of specialist services to the international petroleum industry with an impressive track record: drilled more than 500 wells in the past 13 years including the world’s deepest HPHT wells at 34,000ft. and our long-standing partner.

Petromal is the oil and gas arm of National Holding and it is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Established as an integrated oil and gas company, Petromal focuses on the upstream and downstream while developing services to the industry through direct investment or through strategic public or private partnerships. In addition, it pursues opportunities in alternative energy and natural resources.

Petromal’s main areas of focus are upstream oil and gas E&P, downstream (distribution, refining, and petrochemicals), petroleum services (oil field services, engineering, construction and fabrication), minerals, alternative energy and resources in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia with an emphasis on the UAE.

National Holding is one of Abu Dhabi’s leading privately owned conglomerates maintaining a multi-billion dollar investment portfolio of companies operating in the financial, industrial, property development, general trading and oil and gas sectors worldwide. For almost two decades, National Holding has invested in diverse growth sectors in the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, as well as other emerging and international markets.