We are committed: 

PetroNor E&P is committed to operating responsibly and endeavours to enrich the communities where we operate.

To ensure PetroNor E&P’s efforts are sustainable, corporate social investments are primarily focused on project work in the following key areas:

Power to Educate: The program and platform aim at substituting firewood with LPG, Solar and Wind solutions for domestic power usage.

Human Capacity Development: Tertiary Technical Capacity Development. Primary & Secondary School Education Scholarships

Access to Quality Health: Training Local Health and Medical Professionals. Investments in Medical Equipment and Health Facilities.

Image credit: ©Zul Mukhida / Sightsavers

Power to educate:

“Power to Educate” is an initiative supporting education in emerging countries. Its platform is designed for companies in the oil and gas industry to contribute to increase the number of children that receive an education.

According to WHO, household pollution in Africa and Asia is responsible for 4,3 million deaths each year due to use of firewood indoors. The program and platform aim at substituting firewood with LPG, Solar and Wind solutions for domestic power usage. With no need to collect firewood, children can utilize the time to go to school.

The platform tracks the increased energy usage of LPG, Solar and Wind and measures this locally as a reduction in use of firewood. Power to Educate then awards the local communities with funds dedicated to educational programs for each increased use of Solar, Wind and LPG.

For more: www.powertoeducate.com

Human Capacity Development:

PetroNor E&P is committed to having a sustainable beneficial impact on the communities in which we operate.

As a resource exploration and production company, we view ourselves as partners in development with our host governments. PetroNor E&P believes that human capacity development is the foundation for long-term sustainable growth.

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We seek to forge partnerships with NGOs, community based organisations, and academic institutions to design programmes that expand educational opportunities for the next generation of leaders.

Access to Quality Healthcare:

Recognising the negative economic impacts and social isolation caused by preventable blindness, the Company partnered with Sightsavers in order to help build the infrastructure for sustainable health services in underserved communities and help people lead more productive lives.

2012 and 2013 marked the successful launch and completion of the Company’s ‘Eye Care for All’ initiative concert with Sightsavers, an award-winning international charity committed to the elimination of preventable blindness.

Image credit: ©Nikki Bayliss / Sightsavers

This partnership endeavoured to increase accessibility of sustainable health services to underserved rural communities through the training of over thirteen eye care professionals and provide equipment to regional eye care centres throughout three West African countries.

Report on Sightsavers Eye Care for All initiative.