The Norwegian Transparency Act

PetroNor is committed to high moral and legal standards in carrying out the Company’s operations.

The Company is committed to the protection of internationally recognised human rights and fair and ethical work practices. The company comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Norwegian Transparency Act.

In line with the duties of the act, PetroNor has prepared an account that summarized the Company`s governance, policies, and procedures regarding the protection of human rights and decent working conditions, as well as risk identified in the due diligence assessment and measure to mitigate these risks.

Transparency Act Statement for 2022

For questions regarding PetroNor`s work to promote human rights and decent working conditions and conducting due diligence assessments, please contact

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

As of 2020, PetroNor became a supporter of the EITI. PetroNor supports the EITI Association in its objective to make the EITI Principles and the EITI requirements the internationally accepted standard for transparency in the oil, gas and mining sectors, recognising that strengthened transparency of natural resource revenues can reduce corruption, and the revenue from extractive industries can transform economies, reduce poverty, and raise the living standards of entire populations in resource-rich countries.

Furthermore the Company supports governments’ efforts to publicly disclose contracts and licenses that govern the exploration and exploitation of oil, gas and minerals in line with the EITI Standard, and contribute to public disclosure of contracts and licenses in EITI implementing countries consistent with government procedures.

The Company has operations in the following EITI implementing countries:

The Company is listed on the main Oslo Børs exchange with the ticker "PNOR". Large shareholder disclosures are made according to stock exchange regulations and the associated press releases can be viewed on the exchange website:

In addition the Company periodically discloses the Top 20 largest shareholders on its website and within its financial reports.

PetroNor discloses taxes and payments to governments in connection to its oil and gas licences in accordance with the legal requirements in the Norwegian Security Trading Act. This country-by-country reporting is included in the Annual Report.